Exterior from west

Louise Blouin Foundation


The award winning Louise Blouin Foundation is housed in former coachworks. Elevations have been made more pure and balanced. New dynamic rooms each have their own individual feel. The ground floor has been transformed into a column free exhibition space. A triple

height entrance lobby has been formed. An existing roof skylight on the second floor has been replaced with two new translucent skylights. Two installations by artist James Turrell illuminate the building at night, creating an iconic form on the London skyline.

"The building has been universally and enthusiastically praised by visitors of all ages, artists, journalists, curators, local residents and the staff who work here.”

Jeremy Newton, Foundation Director

Site plan

Exterior from northwest

View into entrance lobby

Ground floor plan

Entrance lobby

Entrance lobby with exhibition space beyond

Second floor plan

View into entrance lobby

Cross section

Second floor skylight

Longtitudinal section

Second floor

First floor plan

Wash basin

View across courtyard cafe skylight

Courtyard cafe

Ground floor exhibition space

Exterior from west